GAPPT Bylaw Revision

The Georgia Association of Public Pension Trustees drafted and adopted its first set of bylaws in November of 2009. These original bylaws were revised in 2014 and 2017. 

Recently, the Board of Directors updated the current bylaws to more accurately reflect the organization's governance. On August 6, 2019, an email with links to the current and proposed bylaws, as well as the 2019 ballot form, was sent to all Plan Sponsor and Emeritus members.

CLICK HERE to see a signed copy of the current GAPPT bylaws.

CLICK HERE to see a copy of the proposed 2019 GAPPT bylaws.

CLICK HERE to access the 2019 Ballot Form.

Please note only Plan Sponsors and Emeritus members are able to participate in the bylaw approval process. The voting period lasts 30 days and will end on September 6, 2019. If an eligible member chooses not to submit a ballot, their non-response will be considered a vote to approve the bylaws as proposed.

The Board of Directors would like to thank the membership for their participation in the bylaw approval process. Questions about the bylaws can be directed to Tracy Wells-Ransom, Vice President and Rules Committee Chairperson, at [email protected] or Sue Reynolds at [email protected]